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Best places to visit in Crawley, UK

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The town of Crawley in West Sussex is a fascinating place with its own unique charm. The town boasts some wonderful attractions, including several museums, galleries and art centres. There are also plenty of places for you to enjoy an afternoon out or take your children on holiday. The town itself offers many great shopping opportunities too, so if you need something special for yourself, this could be just what you have been looking for!

Here are some best places to visit in Crawley:

  1. Tilgate Park

Tilgate Park is one of Crawley’s most popular attractions. It offers beautiful views over the surrounding area as well as some great walking trails through its woodlands. The park also boasts two lakes which provide excellent fishing opportunities for both adults and children alike. There is plenty of space here for picnics or just relaxing away from it all.

  1. Buchan Country Park

Just outside Crawley, Buchan Country Park offers a wide range of activities from walking and cycling along paths around lakes and ponds to horse riding, fishing and birdwatching. The park also has a countryside exhibitions centre and mobile baristas that serve visitors on weekends and Friday.

  1. The Hawth

The Hawth is a performing arts complex spread across a sprawling 40-acre woodland. It has an 855 seater auditorium and has a diverse range of programmes ranging from operas, classical music, musicals to comedy shows.

  1. Wakehurst

Wakehurst is an Elizabethan era house nestled in a 500-acre botanical garden. The landscapes here are mesmerising. The garden is also home to native and exotic species of plants.

  1. Wings Museum

The Wings Museum was a barn that now houses the complete fuselage of C-47 Dakota that was a part of D-Day in 1944. Interesting fact – Band of Brothers, the famous HBO series, used the place for filming. The grand aviation heritage on display at the museum will delight aviation enthusiasts.

  1. Goffs Park

Goffs Park is located between Crawley town centre and Ifield. It is a 50 acre park where two Iron Age furnaces were found during excavations. The park has a lake, walking trails, restaurants and pubs. In the northwest corner of the park lies a wildlife conservation area.

  1. County Mall

The County Mall is like the high street in London. If you just want to kill some time, you can stroll around the mall window shopping.

  1. Crawley Museum

Crawley Museum was inaugurated in 2018 with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday. A visit to the museum will take you back in time to the prehistoric era and back to the 21st century. The two major attractions in the museum are a three-wheel 1903 Rex Forecar which was donated to the town in 1907, and a Bronze Age sword.

  1. Tilgate Nature Centre

Within Tilgate Park, there’s a zoo with a separate entrance. This nature centre is home to over 100 types of animal species.

  1. St. Margaret’s Church

St. Margaret’s Church is a beautiful old church located a couple of kilometres from Crawley. The main highlight of this church is the 18th-century neoclassical table tomb which is adorned with reliefs and adorned with putti.

Crawley is one of those places you just don’t expect much from, yet it has so many things going for it. It’s not too big or small; there are plenty of shops and restaurants and some great pubs and bars where you can enjoy yourself after work. There are many parks and open spaces that make this town very pleasant to live in or visit.