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Flat Roofing Crawley

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Flat roofs are often preferred by commercial and industrial properties but are increasingly becoming common among modern homes. Flat roofs have been used widely for decades in the commercial space due to the ease of availability of raw materials, the ease of installation, durability, and overall cost-effectiveness it brings to the equation. 

Apart from being easy to install and economical, choosing to go with flat roofs gives the building owners extra space for a number of purposes. It includes room for air conditioners, external units, satellite dish installation, gardening, storage, and more. However, you can reap these benefits in Crawley only when you hire a local roofing contractor that is accredited, licensed, insured, and has years of experience in offering high-quality roofing services. 

Crown Crawley Roofing is a leading roofing contractor in Crawley with decades of experience and expertise in the roofing business. Our reputation precedes us. We take pride in having an unmatched track record of offering guaranteed workmanship, unbeatable customer support, and economical pricing for our exhaustive range of roofing services. 

At Crown Roofing, we work closely with homeowners to understand their roofing requirements. There is no minimum or maximum size of the project. Whether it is a commercial, residential or industrial roofing project, we offer cost-effective and beautiful solutions. It helps us get into our customers’ minds to fully understand their expectations from start to finish and work around them to provide results that match expectations.

Crown Crawley flat roofing is your destination for quality flat roofing services. We’ll help you choose the best option for your home or business and ensure the job is done right.

Flat Roof Repair

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If you need a new roof or general flat roofing Crawley, our doors are open for you. We provide free consultations to get you started on your project. Call or email us today!

Our Flat Roofing Services - Crown Roofing

Professional Roofer in Crawley!

We offer a wide range of flat roof solutions to suit your unique and individual needs. Our team of roofing specialists will help you select the best solution based on your budget, roof type, and other requirements to fulfill all your roofing needs. Whether it’s roofing on a brand new house or your house extension, we have the flat roof solutions you have been looking for. Here are some of the flat roofing services offered at Crown Crawley:

Flat roof repair crawley

Roof Installation

If you need a new GRP roof, a roof extension, or even a skylight installed, then Crown Crawley Roofing can do that too. We use state-of-the-art technology and tools to ensure that every job is completed within the stipulated time frame without hassle.

Flat Roof Repairs

Do you notice cracks in your existing flat roof or missing tiles? If yes, then don’t worry! Does your fibreglass glass roof need repair using resin? Crown Crawley Roofing has got you covered. We offer affordable flat roof repairs to fix leaks, damaged tiles, broken wood, fascia, and missing shingles. Roofing tar made from tar and gravel can be used to fix leaks in a flat roof. 

Flat Roof Replacement

Do you want to replace your old flat roof with a brand-new one? Our team of flat roof Crawley experts will be happy to assist you. We offer competitive rates for flat roof replacement projects. We can also do fibreglass roofing and felt roofs for almost all jobs.

Roof Cleaning

Are you looking for an effective way to clean your flat roof? There’s no better option than hiring a professional roof cleaning company. Crown Crawley Roofings offers top-notch roof cleaning services to keep your roof sparkling clean.

Roof Inspections

Are you worried about the safety of your flat roof? Do you want to know if it is structurally sound enough to withstand heavy winds and snowfall? Don’t worry! Crawley’s finest roofers offer flat roof inspections to check its structural integrity. We ensure your roof doesn’t have a problem. 

Tiled Roofing

Need tiling services for your flat roof? Then come to us! We have a team of skilled professionals who can handle all types of flat roof tile installations.

Asphalt Roofs

Have you been thinking about installing asphalt roofs for your home or office? Crown Crawley Roofing offers a wide range of asphalt roofing options, including EPDM, TPO, PVC, roll, and modified bitumen.

Conservatory Roof

Are you looking to install a conservatory roof? Our team of expert roofers can help in roofing conservatories as well.

Single Ply Roof

Want to add value to your property by adding a single-ply roof? Crown Crawley Roofings can help you out. Our businesses provide the best high-quality single-ply roofing solutions at reasonable prices.

Property maintenance

We also perform roof inspections as part of the regular property roofing maintenance and home improvement routine. Your flat roof in Crawley is in safe hands with us. You can ask us any questions concerning your roof. 

Pitched Roof Crawley

We Specialize in All Types of Flat Roofing Systems and Materials

Crown Roofing Crawley – Your Trusted Flat Roofer!

When you choose flat roofing in Crawley, you can choose from many roofing materials that didn’t exist before. We specialise in all types of roofing materials. Our licensed, qualified, certified, and insured roofing professionals at Crown Crawley Roofing offer a wide variety of flat roof membrane installations for your roofs in Crawley or West Sussex properties. We ensure the installation process is done efficiently and follows the highest industry standards for maximum durability and longevity.

The type of material you use depends mainly on your requirements, budget, and other factors. You have the rights to choose the material you want for your roof. Clients can choose from many flat roofing options like EPDM, PVC, Felt Flat Roofs, and GRP Fibre glass. Some of the common roofing materials commonly preferred by our clients in Crawley include:

Crawley Commercial Roofer


We specialise in all types of lead-related roofing work. From lead flashing to lead repair, we cover all things related to lead.

Roof Coatings

If you want to put a new coat of acrylic paint on your existing flat roof, then you’re at the right place. We provide quality roof coatings for commercial and residential buildings at an affordable price. We have everything under one roof, whether a flat roof coating or a shingle roof coating.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance costs, high performance, and long lifespan. They also add value to your property. We specialise in all types of metal roofing, including aluminium,copper, tin, and steel roofing.

Liquid Plastic

Liquid plastic is a very versatile roofing system. It comes in various colours and designs that make it attractive and eye-catching.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is durable and long-lasting. It provides excellent insulation against heat loss and cold air infiltration.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing

GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic fibreglass, is a highly durable, cost-effective roofing solution. It is fire-resistant and has a low maintenance requirement. We offer all types of GRP solutions.

uPVC Roofing

uPVC roofing is solid and weatherproof and comes in different colours and designs. It is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is ideal for the European climate. It’s waterproof, freeze-proof, and an excellent roofing option for UK homes. If you are looking for rubber roofing in Crawley, we are here to help.

Flat Roofing

Felt roofing is an excellent choice for those with limited budgets. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, the repair costs are low.

Bitumen Sheets

Bitumen sheets are perfect for industrial and commercial properties. They are often used as an alternative to metal roofing.

Lead Sheets

Lead sheets are a classic roofing material that offers superior protection against harsh weather conditions. They are ideal for commercial and industrial properties.


Guttering is another critical component of any building. If not installed properly, gutters can cause water damage to your home. 

Roof Windows

Roof windows are essential for ventilation. They help reduce condensation build-up inside your attic. If you’d like a roof window installed, we can also take care of that.

Commecial Roofers Crawley

Crown Crawley Roofing – Why Choose Us?

Your Local Flat Roofer Specialist in Crawley!

We are a family run business that takes pride in offering high-quality roofing and exterior services with integrity, honesty, and in clients’ best interests. Our clients across Crawley and beyond trust us because we never charge hidden fees and offer a warranty for our products and services.

As a licensed, insured, and accredited roofing company in Crawley, Crown Crawley Roofing doesn’t cut corners to complete the project. We prefer being transparent and honest, and this approach has helped us get repeat business from our clients in Crawley and build a mutually-beneficial relationship. Winning trust in business doesn’t come easy, and we take pride in being one of the region’s top-rated and most trusted roofing contractors. Here are some more reasons why you should consider hiring us:

Retiling Crawley

Team of Experienced Roofers

Our experienced roofing experts are trained and experienced in all aspects of roofing. Whether commercial property or domestic, we understand how to install various roofing systems. We are also familiar with working with all types of roofing materials, including – lead works, liquid plastic, GRP fibreglass, rubber, felt, thatch, and metal. Over a decade of work experience in the roofing industry comes in handy while offering innovative roofing solutions to our clients.

Affordable Prices

Unlike other roofing companies, our prices are reasonable and fair. You won’t find cheaper or higher-quality roofing services anywhere else in Crawley. Most people review our affordable prices for quality work done. You can check the reviews online. 


We understand how important it is to hire a reputable roofing contractor. That’s why we ensure that every job comes with a written contract, detailed specifications, and a guarantee. We are also members of various professional trade associations. Moreover, our tradesmen undergo regular training to keep up with technological changes and building regulations.

High Quality Products & Services

We only use premium-quality roofing materials and tools. This ensures that your roof lasts longer, looks great for years to come, and provides you with peace of mind. We have delighted hundreds of customers with our quality products, and the stellar reviews stand testimony to the quality craft we provide. 

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

All our roofing services are covered under a bond and also have public liability insurance. This means you don’t need to worry about anything if something goes wrong during the installation process. 

Free Quotes & Estimates

We offer all our potential customers free quotes once we have the full details of the kind of roofing work you want. We understand that you’d like to have the estimates without paying. We start work only once you are happy with the quotations and agree to let us work on your roof-building project. We also offer professional expert advice on the best way to go about your roofing project.

Emergency roofing services

Call our customer service helpline immediately if you’re facing urgent roof repairs. Whether there’s something wrong with the fascias, soffits, cladding, your garage roof, or your chimneys, our team of expert roofers will be there for you to take care of the roofing repairs. 

Areas We Cover

We serve all the locations around Crawley. If you live in an area that seems a little outside our reach, please let us know so we can give you a more suitable solution. Our team will do our best to assist you.

  • Horsham

  • East Grinstead

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  • Reigate

  • Surrey

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If you are looking for flat roof installation, flat roof repair, flat roof maintenance, new roofs & roof replacements, or other related services in Crawley, do give us a call today. Our friendly, courteous, and professional in-house roofing expert at Crown Crawley roofing would be more than happy to answer any queries you might have, provide you with information about our full range of services, offer you a free no-obligation quote, or schedule a free on-site inspection for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.