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Best barbers in Crawley, UK

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There are hundreds of barbers in Crawley. However, not all of them are the best. We have compiled a list of the best barbers in Crawley that you can visit. This blog will help you find your local barber shop and get some great advice on where to go for a haircut or shave.

  1. No 1 R & K Barbers


1 Ifield Road

Crawley RH11 7AP

United Kingdom

  1. The Barber Shop Unisex Hair Salon


67 Balcombe Road

Horley RH6 9AB

United Kingdom

  1. Kings Barbers


2 Shelley House

Horsham RH12 1QF

United Kingdom

  1. Cuts N Clippers


91 Victoria Road

Horley RH6 7QH

United Kingdom

  1. Master Blade


196-202 High Street

Dorking RH4 1QR

United Kingdom

  1. Clippers


38a Station Road

Redhill RH1 1PH

United Kingdom

  1. Lorenzo’s Barber Shop


31 Crawley Road

Horsham RH12 4DS

United Kingdom

  1. Leigh’s Barbers


237a Three Bridges Road

Crawley RH10 1LS

United Kingdom

  1. Hair Fair


6 Church Walk

Crawley RH10 1HH

United Kingdom

  1. The Blueroom


Hereford House

9 Massetts Road

Horley RH6 7PR

United Kingdom

How to Choose a Barber Shop?

When choosing a barbershop, it is important to consider how long they have been established and their reputation within the community. You may want to ask around family members and friends who have visited them previously to recommend them. It is always best to choose a reputable business with years of experience behind them rather than just any old barbershop.

An excellent way to check out a potential barbershop is by visiting their website. Look at the opening hours and make sure they offer appointments during busy weekends and bank holidays. Also, look at whether there is an online booking system available. Some businesses only allow bookings through phone calls, while others accept all forms of payment, including credit cards. Make sure you know exactly what services they provide before making a decision. For example, do they cut hair or simply trim facial hair? Do they give haircuts or shaves? Are they open seven days a week or just Monday to Friday? These questions will help narrow down your search and save time when searching for a barbershop.

Where To Find Your Local Barbershop Near Me?

Finding a reliable barber shop near me has never been easier, thanks to websites like Yelp! There are many different types of barbershops ranging from traditional men’s salons to unisex hairdressing establishments. Most barbershops offer both male and female customers but not every establishment caters equally to everyone. A few places might specialize in cutting women’s hair, whereas others focus solely on men’s grooming needs. When selecting a barbershop, try to pick one that offers a wide range of services.

If you live close enough to a salon, you could pop into their premises and take advantage of their free trial service. Many salons now offer complimentary cuts and shaves to first timers. However, don’t expect too much because most salons charge extra after the initial consultation. Another option is to contact your nearest beauty school. They often run special promotions offering discounts on treatments and products. Beauty schools usually require students to attend regular training sessions and pass exams before being allowed to practice independently. This means that they can be more flexible about scheduling appointments.

If none of these options suits then perhaps you should think about hiring a professional stylist instead. Professional hair stylists are trained professionals who use high-quality tools and techniques to create beautiful styles. Their skills include styling wigs, creating intricate updos, colouring hair and even performing facials. Although this type of treatment isn’t cheap, it does come with some added benefits. Professionals tend to work longer hours, so you won’t need to worry about finding someone to fit into your schedule. In addition, they also offer additional services such as waxing and manicures, which aren’t included in the standard packages offered by barbershops.

The final thing to keep in mind when looking for a local barbershop is location. The closer you are to where you live, the better.